Patak Meats in Austell, GA

40 Years of Excellence

What kind of butcher cuts such high-quality meats that a customer would drive all the way from Ohio to Georgia just to buy bacon? One that believed in the American Dream and fought his way to the very pinnacle of his field. Although Patak Meat Products was started from humble beginnings, today Patak proudly serves clients as prestigious as Suntrust, Sysco and US Food Service.

It all began in 1968 when Tony Patak escaped from the communism of his Czech homeland to Montreal. However, when the Russians came in 1969 fate stepped in and changed his life. 1969was the year he spent in Austria and first apprenticed to prepare cuts of meat under an Austrian butcher. Life was hard but Patak persevered. A refugee society got him a plane ticket from Austria to Canada and set him up in another Czech community.

He worked long hours for years, honing his butcher skills and saving every penny until he had saved up enough money to buy out his partner.By 1980 Patak knew it was time to fulfill his lifelong dream. He was now married with a baby and he knew he wanted to raise a family far away from the reaches of communism. How would he reach this dream? He would process prime cuts using the freshest meats with no fillers to bring the finest quality meat to families in America. After a brief time in Florida, Patak’s fortunes would change again when he finally found the perfect spot in Lenox mall located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tucked between the original Buckhead Beef and Atlanta Fish Market, Patak served them both in addition to his own deli until business was so good he outgrew the location. Now located inside an old slaughterhouse, Patak Meat Products’ current location sits on 6 acres of land with plenty of room to expand. Patak started with 3 employees and now 48 workers endeavor daily to produce products you can’t find in your average grocery store.

You’ll find blood sausage, liver sausage, dry aged Kobe beef, boudin, French trim cold smoke racks and more all made with pure meat and no filler. Alan Patak took over the family business from his father in 2012 and pitched new products and new samples to everyone from giant clients like Sysco, all the way to the Ohio gentleman who drives all the way in to Georgia for his bacon.

When you see a line out the door at Patak Meat Products it’s because customers know they’re getting 100% meat, no fillers, no additives, just the primmest cuts at the best prices. It’s an American Dream for all.