Coming Soon: Order Ahead

by Patak Online

Patak Meats will soon be rolling out our new ​order ahead​ feature. This click-and-collect service provides our customers with the ability to order their sausages and fresh, smoked, and dry cured meats online and pick their entire order up in-store.

Our customers will have access to all the same products that are currently available in our store and you can rest assured that we’ll take as much care selecting and preparing your order as you would. In addition, all the products that are available through our order ahead​ service will be the exact same price that you’d find in our store.

When you ​order ahead​ through this new service, you’ll be able to check out online and enjoy other online features, and spend less time waiting in line at our store. Many of our customers don’t live close to our store, which makes our time-saving ​order ahead feature even more beneficial to them.

We will be rolling out our ​order ahead​ service soon, check back often to take advantage of this fantastic new feature available from Patak Meats