Coming Soon: Online Shopping

by Patak Online

Patak Meats is excited to announce that will soon be able to offer online shopping to our customers. This fantastic new feature will be a great benefit to all our customers, including those that live far away, those who like to buy in bulk, and for those of us who don’t want to transport freshly purchased meats during the hot summer months. You can leave your coolers at home, order from us online, and know that your meats will arrive quickly and be properly packaged to withstand the elements.

Our online store will feature all the products you are accustomed to buying in our retail store and we will make sure that we take the same level of care as you would when we pick and pack your order.

Patak Meats will soon be accepting online orders, check our site often to take full advantage of this incredible new feature available from your friends at Patak Meats.